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Who Can Open a Medical Spa?

Many businesses have seen increasing patronage in the past few years, and medical spas are not a business going unnoticed. Spas are palaces of relaxation that blend aesthetic treatments with a relaxing spa environment. While it may sound like an appropriate next step for your career, let’s ensure you are not only qualified but prepared to take on this challenge. 

Who Can Open A Medical Spa? 

Licensed Medical Professionals

A medical professional can open a medical spa if it is indeed a “Medical” spa. If providing any non-cosmetic medical services like Botox injections, laser hair removal, or certain skin treatments, a licensed physician (MD/DO) or other certified medical provider like a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA) must be heavily involved in the business to oversee procedures and clinical aspects.

Estheticians or Cosmetologists

For spas specializing only in purely cosmetic services like facials, chemical peels, makeup application, and waxing, an esthetician or cosmetologist licensed in the state is sufficient, but some medical oversight may still be required.

Business Owners

Anyone can own and operate the non-clinical business side of a medical spa as long as at least one licensed medical provider oversees clinical services. Typical spa services like massage may not need direct medical oversight.

Qualifications and Licenses for Medical Spa Ownership

Medical Credentials

One of the most essential considerations for opening a medical spa is the requirement for medical credentials. In most jurisdictions, a medical director is necessary to oversee the medical aspects of the spa. This medical director must hold a valid medical license and be qualified to perform medical procedures.

Licensing & Permits

It’s not just medical credentials that are needed to start a spa. There are other licenses and permits required to operate a medical spa. They’re not the same everywhere, though; they will vary depending on the spa’s location, but the standard requirements include a business license, a spa establishment license, and a permit to perform specific medical procedures, like laser treatments or injectables.

Education and Training

Another thing that is essential for the owner and staff of a medical spa to have is the necessary education and training in spa procedures. After all, what’s a spa without any professionals? So, spa staff will need to have certifications in areas like laser therapy, chemical peels, and dermal fillers. The specific requirements vary depending on the jurisdiction, so check out what’s required for your location so you won’t have any problem with the law. 

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