Training Advantage with VAIN

The Training Advantage with VAIN

Options for Providers Only (LPN, RN, NP, PA, MD)

Observational Training with VAIN

The Training Advantage with VAIN (TAV) is for the aspiring provider not quite ready for the membership tiers and instead looking for further coaching. We offer individualized training scheduled in either private or group settings. TAV helps you discover confidence on a whole new level as you observe your mentor inject live for a day. The TAV will enhance your understanding of anatomy, product selection, techniques, complication management and more with a highly experienced VAIN Academy trainer.

  • Half Day $2,200

    4 Hours

  • Full Day $4,400

    8 Hours

Interactive Training with VAIN

The Interactive Training Advantage with VAIN is a unique opportunity that offers pearls of wisdom during an intimate 1:1 training. During this training, you will have the opportunity to inject live models with close direction and observation of your mentor. The injector must have a medical director, insurance and current state licensure.
  • 1 Trainee $4,500
  • 2 Trainees $5,700
  • 3 Trainees $6,600
  • 4 Trainees $7,800
  • 5 Trainees $9,000
  • 6+ Trainees Contact for Pricing

*Additional training for staff offered at $200/hr.

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VAIN Academy ONLINE Classes and Rental Suites (Fall 2022)