• Standard Membership $299/month Autopay

    Provider already has an outside medical director. (MA/NH/ME)

  • Advanced Membership $499/month Autopay

    This tier includes medical directorship (MA/NH/ME).

  • Mastery Membership $599/month Autopay

    This tier includes medical directorship (MA/NH/ME). This tier also includes two training sessions per year by a VAIN Academy trainer.

  • Esthetician Advantage Membership $389/month Autopay

    Ideal for the esthetician looking to elevate their practice to the next level. This option permits the esthetician to carry medical grade skin care and perform certain procedures and treatments according to state guidelines (MA/NH/ME).

  • Group Practice Membership Contact for Group Rates

    We also offer your Group Rates for your Practice! If you are in a practice with 3 or more employees and wish to partner in order to get discount membership pricing then this is ideal for you! VAIN Academy offers practice group rates! Group rates are discounted at the Mastery Level Pricing so all of the Mastery tier perks are included! Group Rates are priced out dependent on how many employees you would like to train. Pricing starts at $1,700/month and up.

  • Preceptorship with VAIN $9,997 (Payment plans available)

    VAIN Academy is proud to offer a preceptorship program to injectors who desire an individualized training approach with specific focus on your goals. Preceptorship is offered to in-network individuals only. Space is limited and application is required. Please email your inquiry and resume to for review.

    An 8 week preceptorship program provides one on one training with you, your mentor and the patient. Once a week you will meet with a VAIN Academy preceptor and model patients to enhance your current techniques and learn new ones.

    The mentorship offers supervised clinical training once a week for 5 hours, up to 5 model patients. The preceptee will inject live models with 1:1 mentorship. Through this preceptorship, we hone in on injection techniques/dosing, the art of consultation, facial balancing, documentation, photography, marketing and so much more.

    We also take time to discuss business strategies such as how to scale your business, growth strategies, legal matters, ect., Our goal is to knock down any obstacles in your way preventing you from getting to the next level. Preceptorship also provides opportunities to learn new techniques such as Sculptra, PDO threads, body contouring, laser treatments, PRP/injections and more!

Options for Providers Only (LPN, RN, NP, PA, MD)

  • Observational Training with VAIN Half Day $2,200 / Full Day $4,400

    The Training Advantage with VAIN (TAV) is for the aspiring provider not quite ready for the membership tiers and instead looking for further coaching. We offer individualized training scheduled in either private or group settings. TAV helps you discover confidence on a whole new level as you observe your mentor inject live for a day. The TAV will enhance your understanding of anatomy, product selection, techniques, complication management and more with a highly experienced VAIN Academy trainer. Half Day (4 Hours). Full Day (8 Hours).

  • Interactive Training with VAIN Contact for Pricing

    The Interactive Training Advantage with VAIN is a unique opportunity that offers pearls of wisdom during an intimate 1:1 training. During this training, you will have the opportunity to inject live models with close direction and observation of your mentor. The injector must have a medical director, insurance and current state licensure. This Training is priced out dependent on the number of Trainees (1,2,3,4,5,6+). Prices start at $4,500.00 and go up per trainee.