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How To Become An Aesthetic Injector

The rise in the global aging population, especially for women aged 40 and above, has fueled the cosmetics industry and elevated it to new heights. This means it is a pretty lucrative industry and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, with a lot of opportunities in several occupations, including the role of an Aesthetic Injector. An Aesthetic Injector is a professional who specializes in anti-aging treatments, cosmetic dermatology, and medical cosmetics. Some of an Aesthetic Injector’s duties entail explaining the risks of procedures to clients, guiding them through the process, and administering injections for the procedure. This career is in high demand now, and if you ever want to pursue it, here are some steps you can take to achieve that dream.

Gain A Nursing Degree

Becoming an aesthetic injector requires a sleuth of interpersonal and technical skills, hence the need for either a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing. Believe it or not, all aesthetic injectors are nurses. Nurses specialize in cosmetic dermatology and medical cosmetics. If you are planning on becoming an aesthetic nurse injector, it is advised that you engage in internships in cosmetic spas during your nursing degree.

Pass Your NCLEX-RN Exam.

Despite getting your nursing degree, you still need to be qualified to start practicing immediately. To earn a practicing license, you must pass your National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses or NCLEX-RN. This exam helps determine if you have the proper education and capabilities to start your practice. This is an essential step to becoming an Aesthetic Injector because, as was stated above, aesthetic injectors are nurses, and to practice as a nurse, even in cosmetic spas, you need this certification.

Work Experience

It’s not enough for you to get a degree and pass the licensing exam. You must also have some work experience, especially in medical aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology. This could include at least two years in aesthetic nursing, working with a board-certified physician in fields ranging from plastic and cosmetic surgery to dermatology and ophthalmology. These work experiences will equip you with technical and interpersonal relationship skills that will allow you to dispense your duties with utmost competency.

Become Certified For The Necessary Procedure

The last but not necessarily the final step is to get certified to administer neurotoxin injections and dermal filler. This certification gives your clients the confidence that you know what you are doing, and they will be more inclined to keep utilizing your services. For example, if Botox administration is what you are going for, become certified before you do such a procedure. Alternatively, you can become certified for popular injectable treatments other than Botox, such as dermal fillers and other aesthetic enhancements. By gaining specialized skills, you can make yourself unique and highly sought after in the market.

Get The Training You Need at VAIN Academy

These are necessary steps to follow, but they are not a journey you have to take alone. They require a deep understanding of facial anatomy, aesthetics and good communication skills. If these are the qualities you hope to cultivate, VAIN Academy is the right place for you. At VAIN Academy, you can count on our specialized injector training and tiered monthly memberships to provide you with the support and guidance you need to become the best aesthetic Injector you can be. Sign up for an introductory class today, or contact us for more information!

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