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Benefits of Becoming a Certified Injector

Seize the Opportunity: adding a new service, such as neurotoxin and dermal filler injections, to your current list of treatments as a medical professional has many benefits, including advancing your medical esthetic career! This noninvasive cosmetic treatment can increase your potential to earn new clients and income. Over the last decade, the medical esthetic industry has been steadily increasing. More people are wanting less invasive treatments that require no downtime, and that’s precisely what Botox and other cosmetic injectable treatments give them! More clients have been seeking out Botox rather than undergoing a facelift, and with Botox training, you have the chance to meet this growing demand! Additionally, if you are looking for a fresh start and tired of being an ER nurse, earning an injector certification can open doors to the medical esthetic industry.

Introductory Injector Classes

Whether you are a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, nurse practitioner, or other qualified healthcare provider, this course will equip you with the foundational knowledge and practical skills to confidently introduce neurotoxin or dermal filler procedures into your practice. Join us to unlock the possibilities of facial rejuvenation through dermal fillers and embark on a rewarding journey into the transformative realm of aesthetic medicine.

Neurotoxin Injectables

Introduction to Neurotoxin is a fundamental course for medical professionals interested in aesthetic neurotoxin injections. At VAIN Academy, Introduction to Neurotoxins is our foundational course to enhance your knowledge of the principles of neurotoxin, facial anatomy, patient assessment, consultation, and best practices. On Day 1 of this course, we will cover facial anatomy and mapping, the history of neurotoxins, product selection, proper injection technique, complication management, and much more to ensure you are destined for success. The didactic portion of this course will be followed with a break and time for you to ask questions. The remainder of Day 1 and Day 2 will focus on applying what you have learned on live models. Throughout the hands-on clinic, our clinical instructors will focus on facial mapping, safety, and injection techniques and guide you through injections using live models.

Dermal Filler Techniques

The Introduction to Dermal Filler Techniques course at VAIN Academy is tailored for healthcare professionals looking to explore the art and science of facial augmentation; this comprehensive introductory course provides a solid foundation in the principles and practices of dermal filler injections. The course strongly emphasizes understanding various dermal filler products and their composition and selecting the most appropriate fillers for specific aesthetic goals. Hands-on training sessions will allow participants to develop essential skills in injection techniques, focusing on achieving natural-looking results while considering facial proportions and symmetry. Advance your career and sign up for the Intro to dermal filler class today!

Advanced Injector Classes

Neurotoxin Injection Techniques

Are you looking to take your injection techniques to the next level? At VAIN Academy, the advanced neurotoxin injection techniques course allows healthcare professionals to expand their expertise in aesthetic medicine. Throughout the course, you will dive into advanced concepts, techniques, and applications of neurotoxin injections, focusing on achieving optimal outcomes in facial rejuvenation. The course covers various topics, including advanced anatomy and physiology relevant to neurotoxin procedures, personalized treatment planning, and in-depth discussions on the latest neurotoxin products. Each participant will gain hands-on training covering injection techniques for platysmal bands, masseter/TMJ treatment, body contouring, lip flip/gummy smile, lower face treatments, and more. Register for an advanced injection course at VAIN Academy today!

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