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4 Tips to Break Into the Aesthetic Injector Industry as a Nurse

While the aesthetics industry continues to grow rapidly, more nurses in healthcare are becoming increasingly burnt out, often looking for a career change that doesn’t require going back to school. The combination of these two factors persuades more nurses to change their career paths and move into aesthetics. In addition to more manageable hours and slightly less stressful days, you still get to follow your passion for making a difference in others’ lives. Today, we’ll cover four tips to help you break out of the hospital setting and transition to an aesthetic nurse.

Research the Aesthetics Industry

While leaving your current position may sound like a dream, you should ensure that the aesthetics industry is something you can become genuinely passionate about. Start by learning what an Aesthetic or Cosmetic Nurse is, where they typically work, whether it is a medical spa or private practice, and if you can envision yourself working in that setting. However, the quickest way to get a real insight into the aesthetics world is to talk to an injector currently working the job you desire, shadow providers, attend practice open houses, and read up on each topic they mention. Additionally, seeking out individuals who are open to guiding you and tips on what you need to succeed in this new position is essential.

The Training Advantage at VAIN Academy

While transitioning from a nurse in the healthcare field does give you a significant advantage, there is still some additional training needed to become a skilled aesthetic provider. At VAIN Academy, you can take your training to the next level. With classes designed for aspiring providers seeking further coaching, it is the perfect opportunity to learn in person and discover your confidence on a whole new level. The Training Advantage with VAIN is offered to providers only (LPN, RN, NP, PA, MD). It will enhance your understanding of anatomy, product selection, proper techniques, complication management, and so much more throughout the observational training. Located in Andover, MA, VAIN Academy is a great place to begin your training and learn from leading experts in the industry!

Gain Experience

Before completing your training program, begin your search for potential places of employment to launch your new career once you have completed the required certifications. If you want to build your resume and gain real experience to give you the edge employers are looking for, consider joining the preceptorship program offered at VAIN Academy. This program is available to injectors who desire individualized training focusing on their goals. The 8-week preceptorship program provides one-on-one training with you, your mentor, and the patient. Once a week, you will meet with a VAIN Academy preceptor and model patients to enhance your current techniques and learn new ones. This program will help you in more ways than one to become a highly skilled injector and aesthetician. This mentorship is unmatched, from enhancing your techniques/dosing to the art of consultation, facial balancing, documentation, photography, and how to market your skills. The preceptorship program is offered to in-network individuals only. Space is limited, and application is required. Please email your inquiry and resume to for review.

Seek Aesthetic Nursing Jobs

Now that you have met all the requirements and criteria to begin practicing as an aesthetic nurse, it’s time to get hired! While the aesthetics industry is rapidly growing, it is also a competitive nursing profession, and it is not uncommon to struggle to land a position in the field. Here are a few tips to give you an extra edge in joining the aesthetic nursing industry:

  • Visit local cosmetic clinics, private practices, and medical spas
  • Build your network by following other aesthetics nurses on social media
  • Search for available positions online
  • Speak with working professionals in the industry for advice

Contact VAIN Academy For More Guidance

VAIN Academy is pleased to provide nurses with the opportunity to break into the aesthetics industry. Aesthetic nursing is a great career choice for new graduates and veteran registered nurses. As one of the quickest-growing specialties in the medical field, make your break into the Aesthetic industry today! Don’t hesitate to contact VAIN Academy for more information on enrolling in the Training Advantage with VAIN, the preceptor program, and much more.

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